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Miss Cleo has phoned in, Sidney Crosby and the Penguins have more losses in their near future.
Miss Cleo has phoned in, Sidney Crosby and the Penguins have more losses in their near future.

Despite the impression given form the announcers that Sid the Kid is as good as 2 guys combined, the defending Stanley Cup Champions suffered their first loss.

I am well aware that the season is long, that the Phoenix Coyote’s will not make the playoffs, but nonetheless, a 0-3 loss is still being shut down.

Ed Jovanovski started the scoring for Coyote’s in the 1st period as he netted a power play goal assisted by Captain Shane Doan and Adrian Aucoin. Mid way through the 2nd, another power play goal was scored as Petr Prucha put the puck pass goaltender Brent Johnson’s glove. Prucha, might I add, was on his side when he scored. Radim Vrbata and Robert Lang with the assists. The last goal came in the ending minute of the 3rd as Radim Vrbata picked up his second point, putting home an empty netter that was assisted by Martin Hanzel.

The Phoenix Coyote’s are off to a good start as they are now 2-0. Tomorrow they face the Buffalo Sabres and have the ability to continue their win streak. Returning forward Radim Vrbata now has 3 goals and 1 assist in these two games, as he currently leads the Coyote’s in goals and points. (It is early, but someone did write about his return being a positive to the Coyote’s roster)

Nothing to fear for the Pittsburgh Penguin fans as it is still early, and only one loss. However, the next four games will not be easy for the Pens. They begin their road trip against the undefeated Philadelphia Flyers (Someone wrote about them too), then to Toronto against the Maple Leafs, followed by a trip to Ottawa against the Senators, and finally ending their travels with the Carolina Hurricanes.

This may be going out on a limb, but I say the Penguins lose 3 of the next 4 games. Losing to Philly and the Maple Leafs, leaving a toss up against the Senators and Hurricanes.


  1. If I’m the rest of the Eastern Conference… And I am… Then I simply beat on the Penguins all year long. Win, lose, or draw, just wear them down. It seems that Ovechkin was the only one with this philosophy last year and that’s a shame.

  2. Much agreed B. Lee.

    What the defending Cup Champions are finding out is that this season is that much longer with the reduced time off.

    And what I think will be the toughest for them to overcome; every team plays them incredibly hard as they benchmark their play against the play of the Penguins because of them being the defending champions.

    Miss Cleo sees an even more frustrated, cheap shot future for Sidney Crosby this coming season.

  3. I dislike being wrong and I dislike the Pens.

    I am pro keeping the Coyotes in Phoenix as my viewpoint is the Owner drove the organization into the ground, as well as making a poor decision in hiring Gretzky as coach, as well as paying him. Despite that though, Balsillie was denied ownership by a unanimous decision that did not have anything to do with Bettman, but due to his judgment of character. I think people need to move on from blaming everything on Bettman.

  4. Balsillie’s denial as a owner may not be directly related to Bettman, but it was Bettman’s decision to put hockey in these markets in the first place. This isn’t just about Phoenix, it’s about Florida, Atlanta, Nashville etc. Bettman is a petty man, who will do anything to not admit he was wrong.

    Personally I agree with you, Balsillie should have taken a different approach in trying to acquire all three teams, but the bottom line is there are three markets in Canada that are dying for teams, and a commissioner that is unwilling to listen to reason.

    Also, no one is questioning the success stories (Carolina, Dallas etc.) but it’s time to call it like it is. Bettman has a decade of bad decisions to be accountable for, and has a passionate hockey fan, it’s disappointing to watch.

  5. The Pens have made the turn and are doing well. Nashville is a so so call. And Phoenix can turn it around.

    Being a Management Major, I really feel that Phoenix did as poorly as they did is because of their Ownership. Read Darren Pangs resignation and you kind of get a feeling for what happened. Also, alot of the problem has to do with the poor location of the rink.

    I do think Canada should be due up for another team, won’t argue that one bit. But I do not feel the plug should be pulled on any team yet.

    I just think you Canadiens put too much emphasis on Bettman. He has a tough job, and gets blamed for far too much. The fact is, the guy is actually a pretty smart business man and many people overlook that he has increased the NHL’s revenue drastically, as well as marketing the league extremely well.

    I will say though, from a Canadien’s perspective, I would be unsatisfied with the lack of Canadien teams. In time though I do believe that will change.

  6. I think we could debate this all day, with neither changing our mind, but I have been to games in Phoenix, and not only is the arena in a terrible location, it was empty, and boring. Could it change? Yes. But having the Jets dragged out of Winnipeg only to sit in half empty arena doesn’t seem right. And it’s not like the arena location is changing.

    As for Bettman, he may be a reasonably good business man, but there are plenty good business men without large self serving egos (ex. Paul Tagliabue). There are better qualified people to be running the league, someone that represents the best interest of the NHL and not their own personal legacy.

  7. Agreed we could.

    Your points are well put and noted, I just would hope that both Phoenix and other markets to have a team, instead of pulling the team such like what happened to Winnipeg and putting it elsewhere.

    Perhaps in a perfect world, but who knows, time will reveal all.

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