Hockey World Blog’s 2010 Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is quickly approaching, and with less than 20 shopping days left before the big day, we’re here to help you get a grasp on what gear your family, friends, or you personally might like to see under the tree. Below are some of the options we like this holiday season.


Money Grows on Trees: CCM U+ Crazy Light – Sure the Bauer TotalONE skates cost more, but CCM deserves some recognition this year for releasing a well made skate that can perform night in and night out not only for NHL skaters, but for regular rec league players as well. The U+ CL skates are fully heat moldable, meaning they will wrap around your foot so nicely that the skates will feel like a part of you. If money grows on trees for you, pick up these skates for yourself or someone else for $599.99.

Budget Friendly Performer: Bauer Supreme One60 LE – Ever since being sold off by Nike, the Bauer Hockey brand has been releasing incredible products one after another, including some great limited edition skates and sticks. The One60 LE falls into that category, but will give you great performance out of a skate that will not break the bank. Plus, with an all blacked out look, you can show you have a little bit of style on the rink as well. If sticking to a budget is important, you can grab the One60 LE for under $200.

For the Roller Player: Mission Axiom T6 – The Mission brand got a whole lot stronger after being acquired by Bauer, and it really shows in the Axiom line of skates. The T6 certainly isn’t a top end skate, but it has the components to make it an incredible skate for the money. The wheels are Rink Rat Hot Shots, sitting on a Hi-Lo Vanguard chassis that you’ve grown to love. For the average roller hockey player, these skates will be more than enough to suit your needs. Best of all, the Axiom T6 skates are only $200.


I Want to be Steve Stamkos: Bauer Supreme Total One – If you want to snipe like Steve Stamkos, probably go ahead and get yourself one of these guys. This is the stick he has been using since the start of the season, and he’s been on a torrid pace with a new weapon. This is probably the most popular stick on the market today, and comes with unmatched performance, so there’s no question as to why it is so popular. But with top of the line performance, comes top of the line price, $229 for both the grip and non-grip version of the Total One.

Discount Snipe Show: Warrior Dolomite DD – The same Dolomite you’ve been using for years, but updated for 2011. This is a fresh new stick, with updated graphics, legendary Warrior performance, and a weight of only 473 grams. Sure there are cheaper options, but then you’d be sacrificing weight and performance. If that’s not something you’re into, then take a look at the 2011 Warrior Dolomite DD for only $169.99.


I’m Spoiled: Warrior Franchise – I’m convinced that Warrior has the best gloves on the market today. The biggest problem with their gloves is clearly the price. I’m not sure why a pair of gloves should ever be $200, but Warrior has done it with the Franchise, and people eat them up. My Warrior gloves (not Franchise gloves, btw) have taken more of a beating, and held up better, than any previous glove I’ve owned. Plus, after more than 80 games or pick up sessions wearing them, they still don’t smell terrible. If you can afford to spend $200 on gloves, go with the Warrior Franchise.

I Have Bills to Pay: Bauer X:30 – You know you’re getting quality with Bauer products. The X:30 is no exception with its outstanding comfort and durability. At $69.99, these gloves won’t break the bank, and will keep you going for more than a few seasons.

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