NHL Photo of the Day

Michael Martin/NHLI via Getty Images

The Colorado Avalanche defeated the struggling goal scoring Los Angeles Kings last night 4 to 1. The Kings, despite having one of the best goalies in the league currently, have lost 4 in a row. In Febraury, they have an average of 1.64 goals for a game. Ouch.

On the other end of the game last night, Avalanche’s Paul Stastny netted two goals to make him the team leader with 16. To date, Stastny has 39 points in 58 games played.

The Kings currently hold onto the 8th seed in the Western Conference while the Avalanche are now only two points out sitting in 11th spot. It was a big win for the Avalanche as they look to make a push for the playoffs while the struggling Kings look to fix their goal scoring woes and hold onto a playoff spot.

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