Revision Variant Plus Roller Hockey Wheels

Revision Variant Plus WheelsIt’s been a while since we’ve seen anything new out of the folks at Revision hockey. The roller hockey company has been quietly busy working on some new things for the roller hockey community.

Initially there were rumors of a Vanquish 2 skate coming from Revision, but that no longer seems like it will happen. Instead, Revision partnered with Bauer to supply wheels for the Bauer XR Premier Skate.

The main point of focus at Revision has been improving their already top of the line wheels. The brand new Revision Variant Plus wheels will be new for 2013 and are available from retail stores beginning on December 17th. Coming in three different colors, one for each of the three different models, the Revision Variant Plus wheels have been highly anticipated by the roller hockey community.

Revision’s Variant Plus wheels feature many technology improvements over the original Variant. For starters, the Variant Plus features upgraded Torus Technology which results in an improved shape. This will allow players to have improved flex control when cutting and stopping, and it will also provide a more maintained roll.

The Variant Plus Torus is made from materials which provide a rebound that is higher than any other wheel in the industry. This, along with other key improvements, are going to give you incredible grip and speed. Additionally, you’re going to get a wheel that has incredible durability – so they should last a long time. Revision is calling this “the hands down best performing and best looking wheel ever made.”

The Revision Variant Plus wheels will come in three different colors, as previously mentioned. The blue wheel is going to be Revision’s firm wheel and will come in a 76A durometer. This firm wheel is designed for larger players weighing over 200 pounds. The soft wheel, in red, is for players between 150 and 200 pounds. It has a 74A durometer, but can be used by lighter players looking for more speed, or heavier players looking for more grip. Finally, the 72A wheels which come in purple, will be best used by players under 150 pounds.

You can currently pre-order the Revision Variant Plus wheels from online retailers such as Inline Warehouse. The wheels will officially begin shipping on December 17th, and should arrive in time for Christmas if you order right away. This will be good news for anyone needing new wheels for a holiday tournament.

Drop us a line in the comments and let us know what you think about the new Variant Plus wheels. Are you a fan of the new colors and technology? Will you be swapping out your current Labeda’s, Rink Rats, or other wheels for a set of these?


    • I picked up a set of these about two weeks ago. I’ll look to have a review posted in about two weeks. I want to get more use out of them to see how they hold up and get a better idea of their durability. So far so good though. I really like them.

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