CCM Ultra Tacks Shoulder Pads

This Spring we will see the release of the all new protective line from CCM, including the new CCM Ultra Tacks shoulder pads.

The CCM Ultra Tacks shoulder pads offer a great white and black look too them, along with some yellow accents which are familiar to the Tacks line. The Ultra Tacks shoulder pads will also offer plenty of great features which we’ll run through below.

CCM’s Ultra Tacks shoulder pads are constructed with an anatomical fit in mind, and they were designed to have an adaptive shoulder system. This means the fit will adapt to your movement while out on the ice, and the shoulder pads wont rise up off of your shoulders.

The primary protection in the Ultra Tacks shoulder pads will be the D30 foam. This smart foam technology offers a high level of protection, good for elite level players or anyone looking for added protection. The D30 material is designed to react based on the level of impact it faces. The softer consistency absorbs lower impacts while an instant hardening helps protect against larger impacts.

The shoulder caps will be made with dual core HD foam reinforced with D30 foam. This allows the caps to be lightweight while still offering outstanding protection. An adjustable bicep with removable extension will provide additional protection throughout the upper arm.

In the torso, the CCM Ultra Tacks shoulder pads will offer removable belly and spine protection for a more customized fit. There will also be a shaped and molded floating sternum protection. Meanwhile, the core is made using ventilated molded Tacks foam armor. This allows you to stay cool and comfortable while working at a high intensity out on the ice.

The CCM Ultra Tacks shoulder pads will be available from retail stores in April.

Check out the Ultra Tacks shoulder pads below and drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts! Do you like what CCM has done with their new protective line?

CCM Ultra Tacks Shoulder Pads

CCM Ultra Tacks Shoulder Pads

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