Bauer Supreme Total One MX3 Stick Review

Bauer Supreme Total One MX3 Stick

Bauer Hockey recently refreshed their entire Supreme line of sticks with brand new technology and features. Despite the changes, the stick line still has a familiar look and feel. The Supreme Total One MX3 has taken over as the premier level stick in the line, and we were fortunate enough to receive a review unit from our friends at Bauer. Read on for our Bauer Supreme Total One MX3 stick review.


  • Bauer Supreme Total One MX3 Stick
  • 60” length
  • 75 Flex
  • PM9 Pattern
  • No modifications



  • Lightweight TeXtreme Construction
  • Monocomp Technology
  • eLASTech Technology
  • Square corners with double concave sidewalls
  • Amplified mid kick flex profile
  • Power profile dual taper
  • Grip or clear finish available
  • PowerSense 2 Blade Technology
  • Pure Shot blade profile

Design and Construction:

Bauer has retained a familiar design on the Supreme Total One MX3 stick. The graphics include black, white, and gold, much like the previous Total One sticks. The design is sharp and familiar, making it easy to recognize in a store or on the ice.

The MX3 stick includes updates to the blade, where Bauer is now using the PowerShot 2 blade core. The shaft, however, is constructed with Bauer’s familiar TeXtreme Carbon Fiber, which is 20% lighter and stronger than traditional carbon fiber. The stick is also a true one piece design, using Bauer’s Monocomp Construction Process to mold the stick in a precise and consistent manner. Bauer’s eLASTech resin system, which uses micro-nanotube reinforcements throughout the stick, is used to help make the stick stronger, and help it feel newer for a longer period of time.


From my usage, the Bauer Supreme Total One MX3 stick really does excel during those booming slapshots or one timers. That’s this sticks bread and butter. The amplified mid kick flex profile helps the MX3 to really load up while shooting, and it provides good pop and a nice release.

But despite slapshots being where it’s at, the MX3 really impressed on the ice with wrist and snap shots as well. Playing with a shooting style that revolves around wristers or snap shots, you’re just as likely to find success with the MX3 as you would if you preferred slapshots from the point.

Puck feel, in my opinion, has improved with the MX3 compared to the Total One NXG. The new MX3 feels more responsive, offering a bit of additional feedback when stickhandling. This improvement comes thanks to Bauer’s new blade design, the PowerShot 2 blade core.

The MX3 is also a strong stick, providing durability that is on par with other sticks in this price point. Bauer’s proprietary resin, part of their eLASTech techonology, has helped add additional reinforcement to the stick. However, this technology is a couple years old at this point, and may need an update to help extend the life even further in future generations of Supreme sticks.

Overall Impressions:

I am a fan of the direction Bauer went in for the Supreme Total One MX3 stick. While I did not get to use the NXG too extensively, I definitely feel like this stick is an upgrade over the previous generation. The new PowerSense 2 Blade Core offers a definite improvement to puck feel, and the stick releases some very good shots, regardless of your shooting style.

Weighing in just over 400 grams, the MX3 stick is incredibly light and well balanced. It’s a weapon on the ice in the right hands, and a twig that should be strongly considered if you’re looking to upgrade your arsenal.

Where to buy?

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