Ovechkin Spends Night Off Plowing Snow

With Winter Storm Jonas paralyzing the eastern seaboard this weekend, several events were postponed or cancelled. In Washington D.C., the Capitals were supposed to host the Ducks Friday night. But due to the weather (and Anaheim playing Detroit Saturday night) the game was postponed after originally being moved up to 5:00 Friday afternoon.

While some residents of the Beltway were buying gas, generators, and clearing store shelves ahead of the storm, one of the most famous athletes was at a gas station preparing to plow snow for his neighbors.

Alex Ovechkin was at an Exxon station in Tyson’s Corner, VA when WUSA was giving the standard “People buying gas ahead of a large storm” news report.

He was at the station talking to reporter Ellison Barber when he gave one of the funniest quotes you’ll hear regarding Winter Storm Jonas. “We’re from Russia, so we always have that kind of stuff,” he said. If you’ve seen Rocky IV, you’re able to relate that this is nothing compared to the weather Rocky Balboa endured during training before fighting Ivan Drago.

Alex does have a point, as Saturday’s weather forecast is cloudy with a high temperature of 14 degrees with a wind chill of five degrees. Compare that to what Washington is going through with Jonas, they would probably want to switch places with the Russian capitol.

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