Pavel Datsyuk Scores Magnificent Goals in KHL Skills Competition

Despite leaving the NHL after last season, Pavel Datsyuk still remains the Magic Man. He further proved that during the KHL All-Star Game Skills Competiton where he scored two beautiful and magnificent shootout goals.

The first goal was very reminiscent of the Forsberg style one-hander that we see a lot in the game today. Datsyuk, however, switched things up a bit and used his left hand to finish. Typically when you see this goal, a left-handed shooter such as Datsyuk would use his right hand to finish.

Datsyuk’s next goal was also a familiar one, but again with a Datsyukian twist on things. Similar to the goal he scored in a shootout against the Chicago Blackhawks, Datsyuk skated in and flipped the puck over the goalie and into the net. Rather than flipping it with his forehand, though, Datsyuk popped this one up on his backhand, making for an extra special goal.

We certainly miss seeing goals like those from Datsyuk on a regular basis, but we’re glad to see that Magic Man is still up to his old tricks in the KHL.

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