Sven Baertschi’s Slick Between the Legs Goal

When you hear of a player going between the legs for a goal, you might think that they dropped the stick and puck between their legs and flung a high shot over the goalies shoulder. Those are the beautiful ones that we’re all familiar with.

During pre-season action last night, however, Vancouver Canucks forward Sven Baertschi put his own twist on a between the legs goal.

After collecting a nice pass from teammate Bo Horvat, Baertschi positioned himself with his back towards the Edmonton Oilers goaltender. Before giving it a second thought, he quickly slid the puck between his own legs and past the goalie for the slickest goal of the night.

Another bright spot of the game came from the debut and overall play of highly touted prospect Elias Pettersson. The young Swedish center looked good all game long and dazzled on a few occasions himself. Pettersson even picked up an assist in his debut.

Despite the slick Baertschi goal and solid debut from Pettersson, the Canucks still fell to the Oilers 4-2.

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