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The new year brings us plenty of new hockey gear and Warrior Hockey used the Winter Classic to debut their latest release, the Warrior Alpha DX stick.

Already being used by players such as Erik Karlsson and Zdeno Chara, the Warrior Alpha DX stick brings a fresh look and updated technology to the awesome Alpha line.

The Warrior Alpha DX stick starts out with Warrior’s exclusive sabre taper technology which combines a low kick with a powerful release. It’s designed to be easy to load, and offers a quick release with more accurate shots.

True one-piece technology has been around a while now, but the True1 Phantom Feel in the Warrior Alpha DX stick makes it the lightest and strongest true one-piece stick Warrior has ever made. It’s a balanced and lightweight stick with incredible control and response due to its construction.

Diving further in, Warrior is using Minimus Carbon 1400 in the Alpha DX stick. This is a high strength and lightweight flat weave carbon design which leads to a shaft on the Alpha DX which is lighter and tougher than ever before. The material used is more dynamic and elastic as well, which improves feel in all aspects of the game.

The Warrior Alpha DX offers an ergonomic contour shaft shape which fits comfortably and securely in your hands. It also includes an apex grip texture which is a textured zone coupled with a tacky soft grip finish which helps lock your hands in place. This is designed to improve control and accuracy out on the rink.

The blade of the Warrior Alpha DX stick will utilize FuelCore technology. This is a lightweight polymer blade core which improves puck feel and helps improve pop on each shot. Using composite layering around the care, the blade has been redesigned to be stronger and tougher than in the past. FuelCore also offers a reduction in the breakdown of materials in the blade, leading to improvements in durability.

The Warrior Alpha DX stick will likely be released this spring. Keep an eye out at online retailers, like our friends over at Ice and Inline Warehouse, for pre-order information in March or April.

Update: The Warrior Alpha DX stick is now available. Click here to pick up yours today!

Warrior Alpha DX Stick

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