Phoenix Coyotes Season Begins

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The Phoenix Coyotes opened their season in Prague with a bang. A 5-2 win over the Bruins on the 9th, the Coyotes have now set the tone for the season. For once it seems people outside of Phoenix are taking notice of the Coyotes in a positive way. There has been much talk about how this season will go and for once I am grateful to not be the only one saying they will make the playoffs. I don’t think I’ve seen one ranking that puts the Coyotes dead last this season.

After the loss of our beloved Z, I feared that the Coyotes would regress. Then Lombardi went to Nashville (of all places) and more worry set in. I should have trusted more in the powers of Don Maloney and Dave Tippett. Those two have yet to let me down.

I started getting excited for the season when rookie camp rolled around in September. I got my first glance at Oliver Ekman-Larsson outside of when we first drafted him. Seeing him out there, I knew we didn’t need the other defensemen I had hoped Maloney would go out and sign. The kid is good. If you don’t follow the Coyotes, you need to at least check out OEL (a new nickname is in the works).

Training camp the following weekend allowed me to get a good look at Ray Whitney, a guy who I never paid much attention to before. Although small in stature, that man has major skills. At this point, I was sold. I should have known Maloney would not steer us wrong. The preseason was one of the best I can remember for the boys. We only lost one game. When has that ever happened?

The addition of Whitney and Belanger has seemed to help our dismal power play. That has been the one area I have said needed improvement for the last few years. It doesn’t do any good to have a man advantage if you can’t keep the puck in the zone or get off a single shot. In the season opener, Belanger got a power play goal one our first power play. I hope this is a sign of things to come.

Hopefully the first game against Boston is an indication of things to come for the Coyotes. There was a power play goal and an empty netter all in the same game; that my friends are some things that would have never happened before. This season should shape up to be another good one for the Coyotes with another appearance in the playoffs. Hopefully this season we can break the curse and move past the first round. And hopefully we can avoid the Red Wings in the playoffs this year. 😉

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