NHL Center Ice on Brighthouse Networks

NHL Center Ice
NHL Center Ice

Just a couple of days ago, Puck Daddy mentioned that there is still no deal between NHL Center Ice and Time Warner Cable. I experienced a similar situation with Bright House Networks. After waiting 10+ minutes just to talk to a representative, I found out that Bright House was not yet offering the NHL Center Ice package. This news came as a shocker to me. After recently relocating due to a new job, this was the only way I could watch Red Wing games, as well as get my hockey on with every other NHL game as well.

So I began to explore online, looking for reasons as to why this might be. Unfortunately, I could find no clear answer until I came across the Puck Daddy post. Perhaps inDemand, who is in charge of Center Ice, was having contract issues with Bright House as well? I even began to seek out different cable providers in my area, thinking perhaps AT&T’s Uverse plan would help solve my problems.

Before I made any drastic changes, however, I decided to give Bright House another call last night. Again, a 10 minute wait before talking to someone. This time the representative politely obliged my request for Center Ice. Happy as a clam, besides the ridiculous $160 I had to pay for such a package, I decided to check out my new channels only to find I was instead receiving MLB Extra Innings. The channels do overlap, so I’m hoping once the season begins, MLB will be dropped and NHL will take its place.

Something to note, the Bright House sales representative mentioned, as part of the terms of service, that any home or away game for the Chicago Blackhawks and St. Louis Blues will be blacked out. So whenever the Red Wings play the Blackhawks, a great division rival (especially after the Hossa signing), I’m not going to be able to see it? Can anyone confirm this?

What are your opinions on the NHL Center Ice Package? Is it available from your service provider? Worth the money and the hassle?


  1. Lucky you are Matt. I had Brighthouse for the last season and it was available, however in changing to AT&T, a hockey package is no longer offered. Sure I receive NHL Network and now CBC (perhaps only due to my location), however this is of course not sufficient.

    I have purchased for the first time GameCenter which is provided online by NHL.com. However, NHL has done a poor job not only on their site, but in clarifying what all GameCenter entails. I am no marketing genius, but NHL should take a note from MLB.com. I received a free trail around the MLB All Star game and in using it, the program was explained thoroughly and rather easy to use unlike GameCenter.

    On a even more questionable note. Currently no preseason games are being shown, be it on GameCenter or Center Ice. Yet if you go to NHL.com, click the “Video” tab, then “Livewire” on the left, they have been airing a few games. They do not market it, to my knowledge at least, nor do they have any schedule of what is being played, so you need to check it out and hope it is a game you wouldn’t mind watching. Then again, being without hockey for the off season, what game wouldn’t be worth watching?

  2. As someone that’s had Center Ice (With Charter Cable in 2006-07 and DirecTV last season), I love it. How can you deny hockey every night! We for the “blackout” with St Louis or Chicago games, it’s only if they are on Versus or nationally televised. So if they play Detroit, they would be on the regular channel for games (ie. FSN)

  3. I LOVE hockey. The Detroit Red Wings are my fav team. After moving from MI to FL (biggest maistake I ever made) I have had to get the “Center Ice” package so I can watch my team play. At the cost of like $160.00!!! But I guesss I got to do what I got to do so I can watch my “boys”. I want to move back to MI so bad! And I’m working on it. Have not heard anything about blacking out the Hawks and Blues games. I do have the “NHL channel” so maybe the games will be shown on that channel or on Versus.

    Susan G

    • I actually like the NHL Center Ice package. It’s good for people like yourself who have departed Michigan but still want to watch the home team. Without it, the only time you would be able to watch Detroit would be if they were on Versus or NBC or when they play the Lightning or Panthers. This upcoming season will be my fourth time having it the last five seasons. Just so you know, since you live in Florida the only teams that are blacked out are Tampa and Florida. Those games can be found on Sunshine or FS South. You probably won’t have interest in other teams like I do, but $160 for a season’s worth of games isn’t bad at all. Thats the equivilent of 4 tickets to a single game in person. The NHL Network doesn’t show many games live, but they do have a show nightly called On The Fly where they do 4-5 minute “look-ins” of games that are on that night. They do however show the CBC feed for Hockey Night in Canada games.

    • Looks like prices went up from last year. It’s hard to want to pay that much, especially when you can google the games and find them streaming online. If can hook up your laptop to the TV, you should be in good shape.

  4. So wow they are saving us a whole 8.00 dollars for being early… how generous …. Had the same issues last year Huge Redwing fan and missed a lot of games even with center ice…. but being in florida this is about the only way this gal can get her hockey on… and its worth the price I can not go thru a whole year not watching hockey again

  5. Why can’t all games be seen in HD with Brighthouse? I’m in Indianapolis and its maddening to watch in SD when the games are broadcast in HD. Yes i have NHL Center Ice

  6. JKB, I hear you on that. I also have Brighthouse and it is frustrating watching in SD. I am not sure if it is the NHL not showing the HD feeds or if the local sports broadcast does not provide a HD feed. Hopefully as the season progresses more HD feeds will be available.

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