Holiday Wishlist

Stuffing, cranberry sauce, hot turkey, Thanksgiving is over…well maybe not leftovers. Black Friday is upon us and so begins holiday shopping. This year check out online stores for all your hockey fan shopping needs and avoid the hassle of spending a long day in lines with grumpy shoppers. Here are a few things worth taking a look at this holiday season:


Hockey Tickets!

What would any hockey fan love more than tickets to see their favorite NHL team live, in person, with a great view of the action? Okay, maybe a seat next to hockey super-fan Taylor Swift at the game, but regardless, hockey tickets are a great idea for any hockey enthusiast on your list this season. Plus, with the economic downturn, great seats are still available for great prices. For tickets, check out websites like, which specialize in second-hand tickets sold from ticket owner to ticket owner. I’ve used this website before and had only one problem which resulted in an immediate refund of my money. While StubHub does have a convenience fee, it is nowhere near the price of Ticketmaster’s surcharges. Plus, since owners set their own ticket prices, you can sometimes luck out and get great prices on tickets that are below face value. I don’t ask questions, I just enjoy the game.

Price: Tickets as low as $10

Newborn Short Sleeve Creeperp4512363reg

Got a little hockey fan in the making to buy for? This creeper is a perfect little gift for the perfect little fan. It’s made out of soft cotton and has a 3-button closure designed for easy dressing and diaper changing. Do they make an adult version? I know I certainly crap myself whenever I see Datsyuk or Zetterberg dingle dangle and score.

Price: $16.99 at


Ice Flirt Jersey
Ice Flirt Jersey Ice Flirt Jersey

Do you have a young lady in your life? Well if so, nothing says, “I love you” quite like a hockey jersey of her favorite team. A sleek black jersey with silver and white accents, also a colored trim on the logo, not only is it stylish, it screams sexy.

Starting price: $59.99 at

NHL  3rd Jerseys

Many NHL teams have a 3rd jersey that not only sports your local team, but adds a little flare. From San Jose’s black colored jersey accented with the orange trim to St. Louis’ round crest sporting the blue note and the St. Louis Arch.

Starting price: $114.99 at


Shotblocker Hat

Gongshow Gear Shotblocker Hat
Gongshow Gear Shotblocker Hat

Gongshow Gear – hockey apparel designed and produced exclusively for hockey players. The Shotblocker hat would be a dandy for any hockey fan. The front of this stretch fit lid is made out of hockey sock, providing a great look for any hockey junkie. Colors currently available include Toronto, Minnesota, Buffalo, Ottawa, Montreal, Boston and Pittsburgh.

Price: $29.99 at

Hartford Whalers Flip Shot V Neck T-Shirt

Vintage looking apparel is hot right now, we all know that. This vintage tee from Mitchell & Ness would be a hit for any true hockey fan. However, if the hockey fan you’re buying for is a die hard for a particular team, chances are Mitchell and Ness has the solution for you.

Price: $42.00 at


  1. If I read this post correctly, are you suggesting
    the Ice Flirt jersey as a gift for yourself, EB?? That’s
    how it reads…..

    …..and what about hockey gifts for Dad?

  2. Not trying to be funny, just looking at it from the properly gramatic point of view……

    …..yeah, right………………..

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