Phoenix Coyote’s Shane Doan Suspended

In an effort to crack down on blindside hits, the NHL is enforcing their newly drafted rules in a suspension to Phoenix Coyote’s captain Shane Doan. Doan will be suspended 3 games for a hit against Dan Sexton of the Anaheim Ducks.

The distinction of a suspension or not was reviewed from a few angles: 1. Sexton released the puck well before the hit and 2. Doan’s angle of impact. Some may argue that the hit was legal, and since Sexton was not injured so therefore no foul on the play. These are of course subject to interpretation, legality of the hit that being, but to only suspend players who have another goes against the principal of the rules; to be proactive and avoid player injury.

Doan will miss games against the Los Angeles Kings, Carolina Hurricanes and the Montreal Canadiens. His return will be against the Ottawa Senators on Tuesday, October 26.

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