Tuesday’s Take: Milan Hejduk

Milan HejdukPerhaps some of you happen to know a guy by the name of Milan Hejduk who plays for the Colorado Avalanche. Kind of a goofy looking fella, stands about 6’0″ and weighs about 190 pounds. He is currently tearing it up this season. In 11 games played he has 12 points. The combination is 4 goals and 8 assists – a good ratio indeed. Oh yeah, two of those goals came from the power-play and 5 of his assists have come from the power-play as well. Plus he is on a hot streak with 11 point in the last 6 games.

So why am I talking about him? Simple, only 45 percent of Yahoo fantasy players own him. I happen to fall in the category of not owning him, but I continue to look at his stats and question why have I not jumped on him yet.

Hejkduk may not be known for his scoring in recent years, but he is a solid player. When healthy, Hejduk puts up numbers of 60+. Last season, in 56 games, he posted 44 points.

Perhaps you might know another guy by the name of Matt Duchene. You know, the rookie last year who posted 55 points in 81 games played? Yeah, that guy who is off to another good start with 2 goals and 7 assist in 9 games.  Consider him broken in this year. Hejduk and Duchene, yep, they are line mates.

So what am I getting at here people? Simple, drop your middle tier guys or at least your lower tier guys who you think will eventually turn it around, drop them and pick up Hejduk. Colorado is a young, fast, fun team to watch that is sitting 1st in the Northwest. Yes, the Northwest who have the weak¬† Calgary Flames, young Edmonton Oilers, and the oh-so-horrendous Minnesota Wild (offer still stands). Hejduk will continue to get you good points and if he stays healthy, look for about 50 points this season if not more. He’s a steal right now, go pick him up already before someone else does.

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