Tuesday’s Take: b. Lee

Here at HockeyWorldBlog.com, we strive to bring some information that we feel you the reader will find valuable. Be it Eddie’s knowledge of all things hockey, Matt’s sneak peek of upcoming gear and equipment, Chris’ well written articles that makes the rest of our writing look like a 6th grade book report, or perhaps even my ruffling of feathers of the likes of Minnesota Wild fans. More importantly, all four of us look to interact with you the reader.

We are in our second year now at HWB and we value our audience, especially those who like sharing their opinions. One of those commenter have gone a miss and we are beginning to become a little worried. The name is b. Lee.

b. Lee was one of our very first active readers and commenter. As another one of our VIP readers and commenter mentioned, Tony A, we miss b. Lee’s ability to take any situation and turn it into the, well… put b. Lee’s own spin on it.

In a heart felt plea, in the most manly way of course, if anyone knows the whereabouts of b. Lee, please let b. Lee know we miss him/her.

So, readers know that at HWB we value your reading and comments. Be it here or on our Facebook page. And if you go a stray, like b. Lee, we may even write an article about you as well.

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