2011 NHL Playoff Predictions

It is that time of year, the time every hockey fan waits for; the playoffs. Here are some predictions.


Eastern Conference

1. Washington Capitals v 8 New York Rangers: 1. Washington Capitals

With Washington focusing this year on their defense and the Rangers relying too much on their netminder Henrik Lundqvist, look for the Capitals to take it in 5.

4. Pittsburgh Penguins v 5. Tampa Bay Lightning: 5. Tampa Bay Lightning

The Penguins are flying high but they still are without their two most valuable player; Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. Tampa Bay on the other hand have all their pieces, enough to get pass the first round. Tampa Bay in 7.

2. Philadelphia Flyers v 7. Buffalo Sabres: 7. Buffalo Sabres

Perhaps this is more of a personal decision, but I do not like the Flyers and I cannot get myself to choose them. Factor in the loss of Chris Pronger for the first game for sure and possibly more, as well as the horrible end to their season, on-a-roll Buffalo will take it in 6.

3. Boston Bruins v 6. Montreal Canadiens: 6. Montreal Canadiens

Boston is big, Montreal is fast. This one is for you Ron, Canadiens in 7. Go Habs Go!

Western Conference

1. Vancouver Canucks v 8. Chicago Blackhawks: 1. Vancouver Canucks

The Blachawks barely made the playoffs only to go against the best team in the NHL. It is not the same Blackhawks as last year, Canucks in 5. (On a side note, from a Wing’s fan, Chicago Sucks!)

4. Anaheim Ducks v 5. Nashville Predators: 4. Anaheim Ducks

This will be a tough battle between two solid teams. A worry for Anaheim is their goalie’s health status. Still though, the Ducks have a talented offense that will carry them pass the first round in 6 games.

2. San Jose Sharks v 7. Los Angeles Kings: 2. San Jose Sharks

I think the Sharks and Kings worked together to have the shortest travel between two teams in the West which may pay dividends later. Star forward Anze Kopitar is out for the playoffs just like his team will be in 4.

3. Detroit Red Wings v 6. Phoenix Coyotes: 3. Detroit Red Wings

Deja vu? Last year the wings edged out the Coyotes in 7 games; this year look for it to be done in 6.


Eastern Conference

1. Washington Capitals v 7.  Buffalo Sabres: 1. Washington Capitals

Buffalo will come from a taxing first round while the Capitals are just getting started. Defense Mike Green will be back at game speed and meshing well with his team. Capitals in 6.

5. Tampa Bay Lightning v 6. Montreal Canadiens: 6. Montreal Canadiens

As much as I want the Lightning taking on the Capitals in the Eastern Conference Finals, the Lightning’s goalies will be the weak link in this one. Canadiens in 5.

Western Conference

1. Vancouver Canucks v 4. Anaheim Ducks: 1. Vancouver Canucks

The Canucks were number one for a reason and will take advantage of a Ducks team who takes stupid penalties when they are frustrated. Canucks in 5.

2. San Jose Sharks v 3. Detroit Red Wings: 3. Detroit Red Wings

These two teams have a lot of history and a lot of similarities when it comes to their play styles. The Wings depth will be key, look for Modano, Helm and Hudler to be the deciding factors, as well as a healthy Henrik Zetterberg. Wings in 7.

Conference Finals

Eastern Conference

1. Washington Capitals v 6. Montreal Canadiens: 1. Washington Capitals

The Canadiens trip has finally come to an end. Sorry Ron. Capitals in 6.

Western Conference

1. Vancouver Canucks v 3. Detroit Red Wings: 3. Detroit Red Wings

OK, you got me. I cannot root against the Wings. Despite my blind faith, the Wings have a talaneted and seasoned team. Wings in 7.

2011 NHL Final

Washington Capitals v Detroit Red Wings: Detroit Red Wings – 6 games

The Capitals are geeked, they have worked on their defense and it has taken them this far. Sorry Capitals, the Wings invented everything you are doing, and they still do it better. Wings in 5.







One response to “2011 NHL Playoff Predictions”

  1. Nick Avatar

    While I can see most of this happening. I’m not buying into the Canadians. Bruins are just mores solid on the back end and Thomas will steal games.
    I love the sabers pick. Its sneaky but they have played so well down the stretch its hard to dismiss that. Miller looks like he is back to his brick wall days.
    I am not on board with the Ducks pick. Sure they can score but they can’t defend. This is a dream matchup for the Preds they have a tough time scoring but against the defense or lack their of they should be able to get by just fine. I have the preds all the way but sadly who ever wins this game will be one and done anyway.
    Wings all the way? Health will be the reason behind this and the wings are the deepest team in the league. Time to get your fingers fitted for another ring wings.

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