Free Agents at a Bargain Price

In a few days the hockey world will regain some life with the opening of free agency on April 1st. As a fan, you want your team to make the right moves to put your favorite team in Cup contention. Here are 3 free agents you want coming to your team.

Tim Connolly

1. Tim Connolly

At a decent 4.5 million cap hit last year, expect his salary to go down. After sustaining multiple injuries over the years, most recently a head injury, some teams may not want to risk it. Still though, if healthy, Connolly could be a valuable asset. He is able to play either center or left wing, and would do best as a second liner. In his last 4 years, Connolly has been able to put up 40+ points in each of them. The majority of his career has been with the Buffalo Sabres, but if given a shot at consistent playing time mixed in with some power-play chances, Connolly could easily put up a 50 point season.

2. Scottie Upshall

The speedy 27 year old has yet to his his peak in his career. If given solid playing time on the second line with a play-making center, Upshall could easily hit 25 goals and assists to match. His cap hit is the best of the three with a low 2.25 million. There really is not much downside to this guy, he just needs some direction and the chance to play.

3. Cory Stillman

At 37 years of age Cory Stillman is not a young buck anymore. Factor in he doesn’t have many more years left, Stillman’s modest 3.5 million cap hit could be negotiated down on a playoff contending team. The winger and power-play man has 2 Stanley Cups under his belt, racking up 39 points last season in 65 games played. In his hay day he was a 50+ points player and has a career high of 80 points. Sure he will not put up those numbers, but nearing 40 points in a complete season is not a far fetch.

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