NHL Photo of the Day

Eliot J. Schechter/NHLI via Getty Images

Two good game sevens last night as the New York Rangers defeated the Ottawa Senators and the New Jersey Devils upset the Florida Panthers.

It seemed that the Rangers were too much for the Senators, controlling the majority of the game. There were moments the Senators looked like they were going to turn it on, but Henrik Lundqvist of the Rangers made 26 saves for another stellar performance. Senators’ goalie Craig Anderson played extremely well also, but we were not sure if he was going to shake after the game as he left the ice and eventually came back.

If you happened to watch the Devils and Panthers you watched one heck of some overtime action. Great up and down action with surprisingly no lack of energy and very few mental/ fatigue mistakes. The Devils ended up putting in a shot and the rats hit the ice. This game, perhaps more than most, you really did not want a loser.

Round two starts tonight with the Phoenix Coyotes hosting the Nashville Predators at 9 PM EST.

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