NHL Photo of the Day

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

You have to love when the media attacks a a team by saying they need more goals. First, it is the playoffs where a lot of the ice is taken away which limits the amount of goals. And Second, you only need one more goal than your opponent to win and that is all that matters. Still, the New Jersey Devils silenced the critics as they beat the New York Rangers 4 – 1 last night. Zach Parise scored two in the third to help put the icing on the cake as well as an assists earlier in the game.

Tensions were high between both teams which could be summed up by one play where Ilya Kovalchuk of the Devils speared Ranger’s Ryan Callahan after Callahan face washed Kovalchuk while he was on the ice well after the play. Neither side is backing down and both sides are in favor of playing a little dirty. Rangers Michael Rupp even punched goalie Martin Brodeur last night, resulting in a couple of roughing calls and a few 10 minute game misconducts.

Game 5 is Wednesday night back in New York as both teams look to take a 3 – 2 series lead.

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