NHL Photo of the Day

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The New Jersey Devils are 1 win away from advancing to the Stanley Cup Finals. A hard fought game against the home team New York Rangers that saw an early 3 – 0 lead in the first period by the Devils. The Rangers did cut that down, scoring 1 in the first period, 1 in the second period and 1 early in the third period to tie it up. Still, the Devils were not to blow such a lead as they netted a game leading goal with just under 5 minutes to goal. Add icing on the cake as Zach Parise put in an empty netter and the boys in blue are going home sad tonight.

Game 6 is back in New Jersey where the Devils have the chance to clinch a Stanley Cup Finals spot in front of the home crowd. Oddly enough, if they happen to win, their 6th seed which looked rather low still allows them to have home-ice advantage against the 8th seed Los Angeles Kings. Game 6 is Friday night at 8 PM EST.

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