Bauer Reactor Goalie Protective

For all of you goalies out there, Bauer World 2013 did not leave you behind. Discussed at the event was the new and re-invented Bauer Reactor goalie protective equipment. The original Bauer Reactor goalie gear was released back in 1999 and became quite a big seller. More than 10 years later, Bauer has brought the name back. They have high hopes of repeating success and winning over goalies again with this new Reactor goalie protective line.

Read on for the official press release from Bauer and leave us your thoughts in the comments about the new Bauer Reactor goalie protective gear.

REACTOR GOALIE PROTECTIVE: The newly re-invented REACTOR line of goal equipment brings back the tradition of quality and performance that made the original series a success more than a decade ago. Built from the inside out based on the needs of the most elite goalies, the new REACTOR series allows BAUER to service more goalies than ever before, by adding a new family of product to its already-successful line of SUPREME product. The SUPREME series supports a more traditional or defensive style of goaltending while the new REACTOR series responds to the demands of a more aggressive ‘battlefly’ style of goaltending requiring a softer, lighter, more responsive pad.

Check out the picture below of the new Bauer Reactor goalie pads and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Bauer Reactor Goalie Pads

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  1. Just bought a new set of TotalOne’s this summer, and while I’m completely loving them, I would be a very excited goalie if I were looking at a set of Reactors this year. These look fantastic, love the return of the knee rolls and non-flat-face design.

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