Elite Hockey Compression Grip Long Sleeve Top Review

In continuing with our review of Elite Hockey’s lineup of base layer gear, I am reviewing the Compression Grip Long Sleeve Top.

Product: Compression Grip Long Sleeve Top
Size: Large
Color: Goldenrod/Black

Front View
Front View

Design and Construction:

We’ve previously highlighted what makes Elite’s apparel great. I love that the bamboo material used has helped keep foul odors and bacteria away after usage. In addition to it being hypoallergenic, the Elite Pro Vent Technology has allowed the top to conform to my body while not feeling too tight. I also like the design and construction of the lightweight mesh under the arms. It’s allowed my body to effectively cool down during the course of the game while keeping the rest of my inner core snug and warm.

What makes my shirt different from the ones we have previously reviewed is the grip feature. According to the Elite website, “Pro-Grip combines the latest in technical gel application to key zones to keep pads in place.” I’ve found this to be true, as the grip has been able to keep my pads in place. With the design of the arms, I liked that it extends from the elbow to the forearm. This allows minimal movement of the equipment over it. Another thing that sets the Elite top apart from others is the X design on the chest. It’s purpose is to prevent your chest protector or shoulder pads from sliding laterally across your body during play. The extra friction was beneficial as a goalie as I was able to move laterally while keeping the chest protector in front of my body. I’ve even had the compliment from a teammate that I look like Iron Man.

I also liked the durability of the grip on the shirt. While playing inline, I play with the Under Armour padded shirt under my jersey in lieu of shoulder pads and after a couple washes the material started peeling off. The Elite shirt hasn’t begun to peel off or show signs of wear after wearing it several times the past couple months.


As a goalie, I prefer to wear a short sleeve compression shirt because I have yet to find one with a good enough grip along the arms to prevent my chest and arm protector from sliding out of place. I’ve also worn this while playing inline hockey and it plays a big role in keeping my elbow pads in place during the course of a game.  I love that when I put it on, it doesn’t feel like I am putting on a straight jacket like I have experienced in previous shirts I worn from Under Armour. I was able to maintain free use of my arms while maintaining the tight compression feel. I also felt that the compression of the shirt helped increase blood flow in my torso, which in return aided recovery time after playing. I also felt like I had more energy during the course  games when I wore it while playing inline. One example of note was when I wore it while playing consecutive games. The shirt helped me feel lighter and have more energy due to the innovative materials used.


The best part of this shirt by far is the anti odor capabilities. I have worn it a few times without washing it and I don’t smell like a hockey locker room. I have worn it off-ice while doing my dry land workouts and it manages to keep my body at a constant temperature.  When I am starting to perspire, it absorbs the sweat and evaporates it quickly and efficiently without feeling weighed down by sweat. I also liked the fact that it did not irritate my body while wearing it. I didn’t experience any chafing or problems affecting blood flow and circulation.

While playing hockey, I’ve worn it in a variety of settings (officiating and while playing on ice and inline) and I was quite impressed at how it didn’t affect my performance. When I felt cold on the ice, it kept me warm and when I was on the inline rink it kept me cool.

Overall Impressions:

Overall, I really liked the long sleeve top. I didn’t experience many of the things I have seen in other similar shirts including the gel grip peeling off after a couple washes. I feel that Elite has something good in the materials used with the hypoallergenic and anti-odor technology. What I liked best is the use of different materials (mesh, bamboo, spandex) at different areas of the body to effectively cover different parts of the body. This is something I would recommend to my friends if they are looking for base layer apparel to wear on the ice.

Rear View
Rear View






3 responses to “Elite Hockey Compression Grip Long Sleeve Top Review”

  1. Aba Chiongson Avatar

    Cool! I am now using CompressionZ calf compression sleeves which I bought from Amazon and they are really great. Very durable and comfortable to wear. I haven’t tried using something like this though. I use my compression sleeves for running and hiking. Thanks for sharing! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CCDDVQI

  2. Linda Clemes Avatar
    Linda Clemes

    Do these shirts come in youth sizes? My grandson is 9 and is reacting to his hockey pads we think.

    1. Matt Avatar

      Yes, they come in both adult and junior sizes

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