Alexander Ovechkin scoring at a torrid pace

Alexander Ovechkin scored a nifty goal last night to give him 26 on the season and tie him with goal-scoring connoisseur Steven Stamkos for the league lead. It’s been a long time since we’ve mentioned Ovechkin’s name in the same sentence as the Rocket Richard Trophy, but could we finally be witnessing the re-emergence of the Alexander the Great who scored 50+ goals and 100+ points every season?Alex-Ovechkin

To put it mildly, Ovechkin has been on a goal-scoring rampage lately. In his last 10 games, the Washington Capitals forward has tallied 13 goals and 17 points. He’s scored as many goals in those 10 games as he did the previous 30. So can we say that Alexander Ovechkin is back?

At his peak, Ovechkin scored 65 goals and totaled 112 points in a single season. In his first five years as an NHL pro, Ovechkin notched 50 or more goals and 100 or more points four times. During that time span, he averaged .7 goals per game and 1.34 points per game.

This season, Ovechkin has been slightly off that mark, but not by much. He’s averaging .65 goals per game and 1.1 points per game. If this were a full 82-game season, his projected stats would be 53 goals and 90 points­. That’s some pretty good hockey by any calculation.

Ovechkin has been an enigma for several seasons now, so it’s tough to say what to expect from his play. But his dominant performance the past several games has certainly raised some eyebrows around the league and led many to wonder if we are seeing the second coming of the explosive goal scorer and point generator who’s been absent the last few years. Regardless, Ovechkin is a vital part of the team’s offense and a big reason why the Washington Capitals currently lead the Southeast Division. If they intend to maintain that lead and make a dent in the playoffs, they certainly need their captain helping to pave the way.





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