EB’s Playoff Wishes

Thomas Nycz/NHLI via Getty Images
Thomas Nycz/NHLI via Getty Images

The NHL Playoffs, what could be better?  Tonight starts the first round of the NHL Playoffs as three Western Conference pairings lace ’em up and duke it out, with more games starting tomorrow. However, before everything shakes down, here are my playoff wishes this year. The NHL Magic Genie commands three wishes per Conference.

Eastern Conference

  1. The New York Islanders got the short end of the stick pairing against the powerhouse known as the Pittsburgh Penguins. I’m a Detroit Red Wings home grown fan, and so I have my dislike of the Penguins, but you cannot deny they are one of the elite franchises in the NHL and have earned that of what they have won. Still, the Islanders are that underdog that you just want to win, regardless of who they play. They are not a dirty team, nor a star studded team, but a team that shows up and plays hard. They have finally reached the playoffs, five years removed, and I just want to see them do well.
  2. This wish is twofold. First, I like the Ottawa Senators. And secondly, I’m not a big fan of the Montreal Canadiens and some of their fans. It really is a battle of a good night versus a bad villain. Go Sens Go!
  3. Follow me on this one. I want the New York Rangers to win, but Head Coach John Tortorella to lose. Tortorella yells, screams, and ultimately makes himself, and indirectly his team, look silly. From his verbal bouts with news reporters, to Sean Avery, to the questionable relationship with Marian Gabroik who was traded. On the other side, you have Rick Nash who would be nice to see win a playoff round, Brad Richards day-in and day-out work ethic, and Henrik Lundqvist who is most likely the most attractive guy in the NHL. No Tyler Seguin, I don’t need to defend my masculinity. Perhaps the Rangers get routed in game one resulting in the firing of Tortorella, followed by a reversal of fortune, as the Rangers head to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Western Conference

  1. I’m not  a big fan of the New York Yankees nor the Los Angeles Lakers. Why? Because they go against the sport of competition, instead, buying their wins with players. The Minnesota Wild this most recent off-season bordered that route with the addition of Zach Parise and Ryan Suter. Sure, I had Suter on my fantasy team and would of liked to of had Parise as well, but the buck stops there. I do not mind if they go all the way next year, but this year, their first year, let the fans be disappointed and humbled before they see their glory.
  2. I am not a big fan of the Vancouver Canucks, but who really is? They dive, they embellish, they just get under your skin. Yet there is a soft spot for Roberto Luongo, who has given so much to that organization in the past, and even this year, yet is treated rather poorly by the organization and the fans. He was not traded, sadly, and now rides the pine until he is beckoned to save Cory Schneider from fatigue or being routed. Hopefully he sees some starts, plays well, and eventually gets traded to a team, that next year, does better than the Canucks.
  3. Did I mention I am a born and raised Detroit Red Wings’ fan? Wings all the way!


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