Mission Inhaler Helmet

Mission Inhaler Helmet

It’s been a number of years since Mission has produced their own helmet. But in 2013, they’ll be back at it with the Mission Inhaler Helmet.

The Mission Inhaler helmet is all about air flow, as its made specifically for roller hockey players. With roller hockey rinks being much warmer than ice rinks, the new ventilation on the Inhaler helmet will help to keep your head cooler and dryer during games.

Constructed with a two piece ventilated shell, the Mission Inhaler helmet will utilize a quick single point adjustment system. Additionally, the Inhaler Comfort Catch System provides soft padding in the back of the helmet, where you need it most.

Inside the Inhaler helmet, Mission has used perforated VN foam with VEX inserts. This is going to help with the Inhaler’s ventilation, keeping you cooler. There will also be a vented channeling system used to help maximize air flow through the helmet.

One of the interesting and unique new features on the Mission Inhaler helmet will be the addition of the Sweathog 2 Sweatband. This is a replaceable sweatband inside the helmet that will help prevent sweat from dripping into your eyes. Mission has made the sweatband removable as well so you can swap it out for another one, or clean it as necessary.

The Mission Inhaler helmet will come in four different colors: red, blue, white and black. All of the helmets come with white ear loops and chin straps, except the white helmet, which will feature black ear loops and chin straps.

If you’re looking for a cage with your helmet, you can pick up the Inhaler helmet and cage combo. The combo will utilize a Bauer 9900 stainless steel cage attached to the helmet. It offers Bauer’s oval design, a free floating chin cup with thermo max+ lining, along with all the required certifications.

Mission’s new Inhaler helmet will be available this fall at most hockey stores.

Share your thoughts about the Mission Inhaler helmet with us in the comments. Are you interested in picking up one of these helmets? Do you think it will find any success on the ice rinks as well?

Mission Inhaler Helmet

Mission Inhaler Helmet

Mission Inhaler Helmet





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