Kronwall taken off on stretcher after nasty hit

Niklas Kronwall, the Detroit Red Wings premier defenseman, was taken off the ice on a stretcher after a nasty hit from Colorado Avalance forward Cody McCleod.

Kronwall was retrieving the puck in his defensive zone when he made a sharp cut to turn back up ice. McCleod was chasing Kronwall with quite a bit of speed and finished a hard hit. Kronwall was in a vulnerable position when he was hit, and his head was hit hard into the boards.

McCleod was given a five minute major penalty, along with a game misconduct on the play. You can be assured that this play will be reveiwed by Brendan Shanahan and company as well.

After being taken off the ice, Kronwall was able to give a wave to the cameras. It was a good sign to see, as he acknowledged that there was no serious injury from the play. It was reported on the Fox Sports Detroit broadcast that Kronwall has a concussion, along with cuts on his ear, however he has movement in all extremities.

[youtube id=”J3324RYn3rE” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts on the hit on Kronwall. Will McCleod be suspended for his check?


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