CCM Ribcor 40k Stick

Update: The CCM Ribcor 40k stick is now available from Inline and Ice Warehouse. Click here to buy yours today!

It appears as though months and months of speculation and rumors are now coming true. The next big stick from Reebok will actually be the CCM Ribcor 40k stick. It also looks like the NHL has done a fine job of leaking it on their Instagram account.

Since last spring, it was assumed that the new Ribcor model would be the Reebok Ribcor Shadow stick. However, it seems that the folks over at CCM/Reebok have decided against the Shadow name, and actually made the Ribcor a CCM product instead.

This is a big move for Reebok, who has rebranded recently and moved primarily into the fitness as a sport space. The future of their products appears to lie under the CCM brand, joining the RBZ and Tacks lines.

As far as the CCM Ribcor 40k stick goes, the color scheme and look does not stray far from the original Ribcor. We see a mostly black look with gray mixed in and of course the Reebok green mixed in as well. Interestingly enough, there is still Reebok branding on the stick with a couple of “Powered by Reebok” logos floating around. This is similar to the “Powered by Taylor Made” seen on the RBZ sticks. The biggest change, of course, are the CCM logos.

I’m sure you’re wondering when you can get your hands on the brand new CCM Ribcor 40k stick. Well, all signs point to the CCM Ribcor 40k being released in the fall, likely hitting retail store shelves around the end of October.

If you’re like us and can’t wait until then, check out the great photos below of the CCM Ribcor 40k stick and drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts!

CCM Ribcor 40K Stick

CCM Ribcor 40K Stick


  1. You know what? I spotted one of these during a pre season game in Switzerland, in the hands of Canadian D man Marc Andre Gragnani. I’ll see if I find a pic odr get my hands on during team’s practice.

  2. Wow I put in an order at a local shop last week as I wanted a ribcore 25k, they told me they can only order in 30ks which at the time I didn’t think existed after researching, long story short I said ok, and went in today to see this new brand of ccm/Reebok ribcore, I got my hands on it before it has hit the shelves, and I’m pumped to try it!

  3. Ccm ribcor 40k has been one of the top sticks seen in the hands of NHLers all 14/15 season. The ribs provide a preloaded shaft which makes getting off shots quicker and less power, which goes perfect with its low flex profile. To date (april 2015) it is CCM’s newest and personal favourite or mine, even though i always stuck to bauer…until this stick came along. The blade on the stick is the top notch available from CCM, SXX2 blade (stiff at heel and gets stiffer towards the toe). Great stick, just make sure you dont buy it too stiff or you may not enjoy all the features this stick offers. Also it is made of Technorna reinforcment (8x stronger than steel) and it is super light and durable. Over all 9.5/10 out of all current available sticks

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