Hat Trick BBQ Set Review

Hat Trick BBQ Set

Hat Trick BBQ is a United States and Canadian based company with a unique story. They accumulate broken hockey sticks and are able to re-purpose them by using pieces to create fun and interesting products that hockey fans would love. One such product would be the Hat Trick BBQ set, which we received courtesy of Hat Trick BBQ to review. Check out our thoughts below:


  • 3 Piece BBQ Set
  • Spatula, Tongs, and Fork or Brush
  • Optional Bottle Opener


  • Stainless Steel matched with re-purposed composite hockey stick

Design and Performance

The Hat Trick BBQ sets are available in either three or five piece sets. The three piece set includes a spatula, tongs, and your choice of fork or brush. There’s also an optional add on for a $5 bottle opener. On the other hand, the five piece set includes all of these pieces at one fixed price. For a three piece set, you’re going to set yourself back $45, and the larger set will be $65. Hat Trick BBQ also makes other products including a golf brush, composite putter, plungers and more.

Our particular three piece setup came from a broken Warrior Covert QR1 stick. A simple process was used to attach the BBQ tools to the shaft pieces. Each piece was lightweight, and fairly short in length, at least compared to my other set. The shorter length did not inhibit my ability to grill any food, and I actually found the length to be a nice alternative to the longer and heavier set I used previously. The spatula, tongs and fork pieces were all very comparable to my existing BBQ set, but with the added bonus of having a handle made from hockey sticks.

Each piece in the set performed as expected on the patio, and I was pleased with the outcome of the set.

Overall Impressions:

The Hat Trick BBQ set is a solid concept. It’s a great way to put to use all those fragments of broken hockey sticks that would otherwise go in the garbage. It’s re-purposing at it’s finest for a hockey player.

However, I’m not sure it’s something you buy for yourself. Hat Trick BBQ sets to me are ideal as gifts to a hockey player or hockey gear nut. I’m not sure I’d go out and buy myself a set on a whim, but if someone gave it to me as a gift, I’d be pretty excited about it. There are a number of different ways this could be applied to a gift as well, think birthdays, Fathers Day, groomsmen or best man gifts, and so on. The setup is pretty legit and will leave your friends jealous and perhaps inspired to gift it to someone they know too.

Where to Buy?

Hat Trick BBQ sets are currently available at HatTrickBBQ.com, as well as through a number of retailers. You can find the full list of retail partners on their website, or by clicking here.


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