Bauer Nexus 1N Elbow Pads

Coming this summer, Bauer will be launching the all new Bauer Nexus 1N elbow pads.

Headlining the Bauer Nexus 1N elbow pads will be the addition of Seven+ technology. This molded foam technology specializes in multiple impact management. In other words, this foam can take repeated impacts and continue to hold its shape.

The Bauer Nexus 1N elbow pads will offer a classic fit as well, meaning a higher volume fit while still providing outstanding mobility.

In terms of overall protection, the elbow is an injected cap while the bicep guard uses HD (high density) foam with dome protection. The wrist guard is where you’ll find the Seven+ technology foam, along with an additional PE insert.

The Nexus 1N elbow pads will have a three strap system with anchor strap for a premium fit. The pad will also use a 37.5 technology liner to help keep you cool and dry throughout each game.

Keep an eye out for the Bauer Nexus 1N elbow pads this summer. They will be available from hockey retailers everywhere, including our friends at Ice and Inline Warehouse.

Bauer Nexus 1N Elbow Pads

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