Kevin Bieksa Takes Down Radko Gudas With Monster Punch

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Kevin Bieksa is a big guy, but I never expected a fight he was involved in to turn into a highlight reel and must see play. 

During last night’s game between the Anaheim Ducks and Philadelphia Flyers, Bieksa took on Radko Gudas in what could be considered a heavyweight bout. The fight, however, did not least nearly as long as many would have expected.

After briefly sizing up the competition, Bieksa lunged at Gudas and threw a heavy, hard right hand that knocked Gudas down to the ice. It looked more like something you would see in an MMA style fight rather than an NHL hockey game. 

Take a look at the quick work Bieksa made of this fight in the video below:

Unbelievable effort from Bieksa on this one. Keep an eye on the rematch between this two teams to see if Gudas wants a rematch after being destroyed with one punch.

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