CCM Jetspeed FT2 Skates

If you’ve been paying close attention around the NHL, you’ll know that some players have already started using upcoming gear from 2019. One such case is Nazem Kadri who has been using the all new CCM Jetspeed FT2 skates since last year.

The upcoming CCM Jetspeed FT2 skates will be a nice update over the previous version, including some new tech and of course an updated design. The biggest change you’ll probably notice will be to the holders. The Jetspeed FT2 skates will feature a SpeedBlade Xchange System (XS) holder that uses a positive lock mechanism to keep your steel tightly in place, but also allow you to quickly change swap out blades. In terms of design, they will stick with the red and black color scheme, but the new Jetspeed FT2 skates seem to pop much more than the FT1.

When it comes to fit on the CCM Jetspeed FT2 skates, they will continue to offer the same tapered fit that we’ve grown accustomed to with the Jetspeed lineup. The forefoot of the skate will have a slightly narrow fit, while back into the heel it will be more narrow and anatomical.

Check out the pictures below of the upcoming CCM Jetspeed FT2 skates. They definitely don’t do the skates justice, but it gives you a good idea about how they have visually changed.

Be sure to drop us a comment and let us know what you think of the upcoming CCM Jetspeed FT2 skates. Will you be picking a pair up when they release?

When the skates do launch, they will be available from our friends over at Head over there today to check out all the CCM gear currently available!

CCM Jetspeed FT2 Skates

CCM Jetspeed FT2 Skates

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