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This summer, CCM will launch a refresh to the Ribcor skate line with the new CCM Ribcor 100K Pro skates.

The CCM Ribcor 100K Pro skates kick things off with CCM’s new One Piece Boot Flex technology. This tech is all about performance and agility, allowing players to get more energy transfer with each stride, along with a closer fit around the foot.

The quarter package of the CCM Ribcor 100K Pro skates is constructed with RFM composite, an elite level and NHL caliber lightweight composite which maintains a flexible structure.

On the Stiffness Performance Index, the CCM Ribcor 100K Pro skates fall in with a 175-185 variable flex. Having a flexible core helps to provide that excellent fit along with enhanced biomechanics in each stride. Compared to the FT4 Pro skates, these agility focused 100K Pro skates are obviously going to be less stiff. The FT4 Pro’s fall in at 195 on the Stiffness Performance Index.

Moving inside the boot, the CCM Ribcor 100K Pro skates feature a TotalDri Comfort liner which uses high performance moisture wicking material to move sweat away from your feet and skates. This helps to keep your feet dry, while also maintaining top level comfort.

ADPT Memory Foam ankle padding is used within the boot to help enhance comfort. These memory foam pads on the CCM Ribcor 100K skates will help to customize the fit for each player, adapting to the shape of their foot.

Along the top of the boot are the familiar Smooth Contour Pro comfort pads. These soft pads are also used to improve comfort, especially when your leaning heavily on your edges.

Up front on the CCM Ribcor 100K Pro Skates you’ll find a replaceable FlexMotion Tongue. These skates offer the 7mm tongue with FlexMotion design for better forward flex and advanced lace bite protection. If you prefer a lightweight or pro level tongue, you can purchase those separately and swap out the standard tongue.

Beneath your foot in the CCM Ribcor 100K Pro skates is a molded CCM Ortholite Ultralite footbed. This provides top-notch comfort and support while remaining incredibly lightweight. Beneath that lies the lightweight composite midsole. The composite helps to enhance energy transfer from blade to boot, making you quicker out on the ice.

The CCM Ribcor 100K Pro skates are mounted to a SpeedBlade XS holder which features a quick release system for fast blade changes when in a pinch. The holders contain STEP Blacksteel (+4mm) which is some of the highest quality steel available. It features carbon-coated technology to enhance the edge hardness and improve glide.

The upcoming CCM Ribcor 100K Pro skates will launch later this summer at hockey retailers everywhere, and are currently available to order from our favorite retailer, Ice Warehouse.

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CCM Ribcor 100K Pro Skates

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