5 Memorable Stanley Cup Moments

The Stanley Cup is full of memorable moments as hockey teams strive to get their hands on the giant trophy. That could be an iconic moment that transcends the sport or a remarkable comeback. It could be a spot of narrative that suggests that victory was inevitable or a stirring individual effort. If you think you know your Stanley Cup then play some fantasy hockey on Fanduel.

Ray Bourque Finally Won The Stanley Cup

Good things come to those who wait and Ray Bourque had been patiently waiting for a long time. He is a Hall of Fame player but spent his 22 seasons in the NHL without getting his hands on the Stanley Cup. It was only at the very end of his career did he finally triumph.

To say that Bourque deserved that finale would be an understatement. He held the all-time record for assists, goals, and points for a defenseman. During his Hall of Fame spell, he had been named to 19 All-Star teams. Amassing five Norris Trophies as the top defenseman in the league was not enough, he wanted the big prize.

After close to 21 seasons, he had been traded by the Bruins to Colorado. Finally, in 2001, the Avs had won the Stanley Cup and Bourque had his swansong moment.

Mark Messier Sticks To His Word

Words can come back to haunt some players but they can seem prophetic. The latter is certainly the case for Mark Messier of the New York Rangers in 1994. It was the Eastern Conference Finals against the New Jersey Devils and Messier had publicly guaranteed a win for the Rangers in Game 6. He was captain so the pressure was on.

Destiny seemed to be in the air as Messier scored a third-period hat-trick to complete a 4-2 win. Of course, the Rangers sealed the job by winning Game 7 of those finals. Eventually, they won the Stanley Cup too by defeating the Vancouver Canucks.

Bobby Orr Flies Through The Air In 1970

It is not so much what Bobby Orr did but how it appeared that mattered in 1970. His goal came in overtime during Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals in 1970. The Bruins had completed a sweep over the St. Louis Blues but the crucial moment saw Orr fly.

That’s how it appeared anyway as he was tripped by Noel Picard. The shot captures Orr in flight as the puck goes in and he extends his arms triumphantly. He almost appears horizontal and the shot has been immortalized as a statue.

Toronto Maple Leafs 1942 Comeback

With their Stanley Cup triumph in 1942, the Toronto Maple Leafs made history. They became the very first team to come back after being 3-0 down in a best-of-season series. The Red Wings should have had the series sewn up but the Leafs were not to be denied. Game 7 was back in Toronto and the Leafs sealed the deal with a 3-1 win, Pete Langelle scoring the winner in the third period.

The 17-Second Comeback In 2013

Seventeen seconds can seem like a long time, especially when you are hanging on to victory. In 2013, Game 6 of the Stanley Cup was going to the wire between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Boston Bruins. With a 2-1 lead, the Bruins looked to have it sealed with under two minutes left on the clock.

Then the 17-second comeback occurred, the comeback to end all comebacks. Bryan Bickell tied the score with just 1:16 left but the Blackhawks were not done there. A mere seventeen seconds later, Dave Bolland completed the comeback and won the game. The Blackhawks had their second title in just four seasons.


There is typically plenty of drama to be had in the Stanley Cup and you only need to look into the history books. From a 17-second comeback to the first from 3-0 down in a best-of-seven series. Some moments are simply unforgettable because they catch a snapshot of time when you can sense the sporting drama. That’s the case for Bobby Orr as he was photographed mid-air, arms outstretched in celebration.

Other moments seem less spontaneous and more like destiny manifesting itself before your very eyes. Consider Mark Messier acting like the Messiah in scoring a third-period hat-trick to ensure he kept his word. Then there’s Roy Bourque finally getting his hands on that elusive Stanley Cup in 2001 after a full couple of decades in the sport. See the next memorable moment and place a bet on the NHL on Fanduel.

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