Dallas Stars’ Mike Ribeiro Arrested

Dallas Stars' Mike Ribeiro's mug shot.
Dallas Stars' Mike Ribeiro's mug shot.

Reports are surfacing that Dallas Stars’ center Mike Ribeiro was arrested in Plano, Texas under misdemeanor charge of public intoxication. He has been released early this morning.

Ribeiro is one of Dallas’ top centers and top performers. In the last two season combined, Ribeiro put up 41 goals, 90 assists totaling 131 points in 148 games. His point contribution has continued so far with 3 assists in 2 games.

Joe Nieuwendyk, Dallas’ general manager, says the team will handle the matter internally.


  1. I did not realize that PI was an arrestable offence. Am I wrong? If Ribs was not involved in the supposed “assault” then why was he arrested? And if he was intoxicated then why was the server not fined as well. They knew how much they had been drinking. It seems that something is left out of this whole report. Was someone else involved and maybe aggitating Mike about something personal or his job? What is missing?

  2. I am unable to say I have spent the night in jail, however from my vast knowledge of the show Cops at Mardi Gras, people are arrested for public intoxication. They spend the night in jail to sober up and released in the morning as Ribeiro was.

    I would agree completely that the server should be held liable for their contributing actions. I am not sure if laws are in place State to State, or on what level, but being Ribeiro is a high profile person and now drawing attention to the matter, it may be possible that the server would be fined.

    As for the assault, information is still not disclosed to all the details. It very well could have been a minor misunderstanding, or as you stated, someone heckling him about who he is or what he does. Or it could have been more severe. I am leaning that it was on the mild side.

    Dallas is handling it internally and the NHL does a good job of keeping details under wraps, somewhat. In a week from now this will be water under the bridge, much like Dany Heatley and his past.

    Although if Ribeiro is unable to produce expected numbers over the next week, expect headlines making false accusations linking off-ice distractions to his play, and possibly even questioning if he takes his job serious. Ribeiro does of course take his job serious and is a very high caliber player in the league.

  3. Thank goodness that you are unable to say that you spent a night in jail. What would that do to your mom and dad???????????????????????

    The server should be held liable for serving ANYTHING
    to a guy with such a nasty mug shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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