NHL Photo of the Day

Associated Press

Big things are happening to the Pittsburgh Penguins. Mario Lemieux had a statue released of him in front of the CONSOL Energy Center. The team also beat the Toronto Maple Leafs last night 3-2, continuing to crush the hopes of Leafs fans and a playoff spot. Pascal Dupuis picked up 2 goals and an assist on the night and Jordan Staal had a goal and an assist. Always nice when your depth is scoring. And the final big news is that team leader Sidney Crosby was cleared for contact. It is still unknown the timetable for his return, but most would think relatively soon. Some critics are a bit upset, feeling the Penguins have milked this a bit, only to bring in Crosby come playoff time. Truth be, he’s hurt and the organization is doing the right thing to protect their star player from potentially having career ending injuries / life injuries. So, the Pens are starting to look pretty good come playoffs; now only if James Neal can pick me up a goal for fantasy.

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