Chara Breaks Glass with hit on Johansson

What could be worse than getting hit by Red Wings defenseman Niklas Kronwall? Getting hit by Zdeno Chara, the biggest player in the National Hockey League. The two are the most physical and hardest hitters in the league and they vary when it comes to size. Kronwall stands at 6-0 and 190 pounds while Chara checks in at 6-9 and 255 pounds.

During today’s game against Washington, the Boston captain went to lay a routine check on Marcus Johansson and in the process breaks a pane of glass around the penalty box. ┬áIt wasn’t the glass bordering the ice, but rather the glass that separates the penalty box and the fans. It was the Capitals who got the last laugh as they won the game 4-3. With the win, Washington overtook Winnipeg for eighth place in the East while Boston retains their three-point lead over Ottawa in the Northeast division. Boston will gave played three less games than the Senators after the Sens host the Sabres tonight.


And with Kronwall, you know you are a force on the ice when you have a Top 10 highlight reel of times you laid someone out on the ice. Notice how every hit was clean. Take note at home kids, this is how you properly hit to take someone off the puck.

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