Five Games in Four Days Kept Kohl Center Crew Busy

Many arenas in North America are used by multiple teams. Most are between the NBA and NHL, but there are some college campus arenas that are used by both the basketball and hockey teams.

Examples of college hockey arenas that are used by college basketball include Value City Arena at The Jerome Schottenstein Center in Columbus, CenturyLink Center Omaha,and Kohl Center in Madison.

The Kohl Center is home to the University of Wisconsin men’s basketball, women’s basketball, and men’s hockey teams. So it’s pretty understandable that the arena has to convert from basketball to hockey and back several times during the winter when both teams are in the middle of their respective seasons.

Last week, the Kohl Center played host to five games in four days. And the university did something pretty cool and put a camera inside the arena to capture the madness that took place with the staff in charge of converting the arena. Check out the video below.

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