NHL Star Players To Watch This Season

In this list you will find NHL stars that will make you grip your seat. Although all of these players are at the top of their game, we aren’t looking for the best scorers or the most likely to win. You can use Fanduel’s NHL odds for that. Instead we are going to tell you the best players to watch this season.

Connor McDavid – Edmonton Oilers
If you watch any of the Oiler’s games the camera will always be focused on McDavid. He plays the game at a speed so much greater than his competitors that he can spin circles around his opponents and cause confusion wherever he goes!

McDavid’s ability to keep hold of the puck while he’s in motion makes him an impressive offensive player and an absolute blast to watch. Just look at his career average of 1.42 points per game! In fact, McDavid is the fourth highest scorer in NHL history when it comes to point per game average!

Nathan MacKinnon – Colorado Avalanche
MacKinnon will be a wonderful person to watch when he is winning, and a strange one to focus on when he is losing. MacKinnon doesn’t just hate failure, he is disgusted by it. If you have a morbid fascination with downward spirals, you should point your eyes at MacKinnon whenever the Colorado Avalanches miss a beat.

Still the likelihood of losing is low with MacKinnon on the ice. He has a 1.30 average in his points per game, so we can expect more wins from him!

Auston Matthews – Toronto Maple Leafs
Last season Auston Matthews reached his 200 plus career goals at a ridiculously young age. The only person who reached that feat faster than Matthews was Alex Ovechkin. His incredible shot is a blast to watch and will create for incredible scoring opportunities and interesting and dynamic TV.

Aleksander Barkov – Florida Panthers
Aleksander is both an amazing offensive and defensive player. Last season he was crowned the best defensive forward by winning the Selke Trophy. You might think that he chose to focus his energy on one part of the game, but no. Barkov was also a dominating offensive force tallying 58 points in 50 games last season.

When Barkov lands on the ice, you don’t know what type of stance he will choose to take. Will he pass, will he shoot, who knows?! Such a well-rounded center keeps us on our toes.

Cale Makar – Colorado Avalanche
Cale Makar should be the enemy of all offensive opposition, but in reality, it’s the other defensive players that worry about his placement. Get caught flat-footed, and Makar will come at you flying.

This defensive king shows all of the other players what they should be doing! What’s perhaps most impressive, Makar is only in his third NHL season and is a mere 21 years old.

Leon Draisaitl – Edmonton Oilers
Many people believe that Draisaitl’s offensive power came from his teammate Connor McDavid, but just because the two were paired up doesn’t mean they cannot play solo.

If you see Leon Draisaitl on the ice, watch how he senses the puck and moves with the players. He is a force of nature, and from the outside, it looks as though he can read minds!

In the 2019 to 2020 season, Leon won the Hart Trophy, which shows how he is a great team player and solo athlete too!

Victor Hedman – Tampa Bay Lightning
When Victor hits his stride in the game, you will feel like everyone around him are mere children. His presence is overwhelming, and he can bulldoze down any player in his way, friend or foe. With an outstanding 0.84 points per game average, this 6 ft 6 player can do it all. Defense, offense, and wow the crowd. What more could we want?

When you see a Tampa Bay Lightning game, we won’t even tell you to look out for Hedman’s jersey. You will already be staring at him.

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