Tape to Tape

One of many pictures from Tape to Tape.
One of many pictures from Tape to Tape.

While attending the 2009 Prospects Tournament, and finding out that I had inadequate camera equipment, Hockey World Blog is proud and grateful for the blog Tape to Tape. Hockey World Blog and Tape to Tape will be collaborating with one another in providing pictures from the tournament.

Tape to Tape, who is run by Doug, is a Peoria Rivermen expert. Doug has all the insight of future NHLers as the Rivermen is the AHL team to the St. Louis Blues.

Once again, Hockey World Blog is grateful to Tape to Tape and we highly recommend you visit the site.


  1. An interesting website with fresh insights.

    In Tape to Tape, the thing that I found most interesting
    is that there actually IS someone who is a Peoria
    Rivermen “expert”.

    Who knew?

  2. It is quite amazing the following of the many different leagues other than the NHL.

    While attending the prospects camp, besides the dominant Red Wing pride, I saw many minor league jerseys. You figure these guys are the next NHLers, and to be quite honest, it is pretty cool to say you saw somebody before they “hit it big”. Heck, I even tout that I saw John Tavares play in the OHL.

    And getting back to Tape to Tape, Doug is definitely the expert. Perhaps it was his autographed Peoria Jersey and his eagerness to capture a picture of anyone who played for Peoria that was at the tournament, but with more conversation, Doug has some edgy articles on the rise that are definitely worth checking out.

    Thanks for the comment Tony A.

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