Mike Legg version 2009

I recently found this video via Puck Daddy, a blog I read just about every day. Watching American Mike Fox pull the lacrosse-style down on foreign soil is pretty cool to watch. During my career as a beer league goalie, I’ve never seen it before on the ice but I have seen it on the inline hockey floor.

Aaron Fox goal

I’ve always thought of it being easier-but-harder to do in a inline hockey court than on the ice. In looking at the physics of it, if you have a hockey blade attack pad (available at the Inline Warehouse) and a inline puck that has some life left on the runners, it can be done. On the ice, the moisture on the puck can be a little easier to get to stick to the blade, but it might not be done on command like in a game situation.

For the record, I have never been scored on with this move. But I once did catch it in my glove when a player tried to do it.

For those who have not seen the Mike Legg goal from the 1996 NCAA tournament, here you go

Mike Legg Goal

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