Join the Pack!

The Phoenix Coyotes are hoping to revitalize their fan base with a chance for fans to win free tickets if the Coyotes win on designated nights.
The Phoenix Coyotes are hoping to revitalize their fan base with a chance for fans to win free tickets if the Coyotes win on designated nights.

In a marketing strategy, the Phoenix Coyotes have opted to offer free tickets to fans if the team wins on specific nights. The promotion, dubbed “We win, you win!”, will see that 5 selected games if won, could provide fans with free tickets.

The Coyotes, who filed for bankruptcy in the offseason due to declining sales and the inability to turn a profit, is looking to regain their fan base. The marketing theme is called, “Join the pack!”. According to the team’s press release, the name derives from, “For the last few years, we have referred to ourselves as ‘One Pack’ to signify the unity within the Coyotes organization,” Phoenix Coyotes President and Chief Operating Officer Douglas Moss states. “In addition, Head Coach Dave Tippett, in his first meeting with the team, encouraged the players to embrace a ‘Pack’ mentality on the ice.”

Moss continues on saying, “Now more than ever, we believe it is important to show our appreciation to our great fans. We want everyone throughout the state of Arizona to feel as though they are a part of the Coyotes family and to know that we are committed to providing them with a great product that they can be proud of. Our ‘Join the Pack’ promotion also serves as a call to action, encouraging people to support the team by purchasing tickets and experiencing Coyotes hockey live at Arena.”

For the home opener, the Coyotes sold out by reducing upper bowl tickets to only $15 usd a ticket. Everyone in attendance received white T-shirts and pompoms for the game, promoting a, “Welcome Back Whiteout” theme.

Many fans are critical of the teams marketing strategy, some feeling it is a lost cause. The team currently is leading the Pacific Division within the Western Conference with a 4-2-0 record. The season is still very young, and anything could change at any moment as the team has perhaps one of the toughest divisions within the league.

To clarify the details of the “We Win, You Win!” promotion, vouchers that may be redeemed for a free ticket in the future to Jobing arena are only given to those who are in attendance on one of the given 5 nights. The Coyotes are hoping many fans will purchase the tickets on the selected nights providing a source of revenue and to strengthen the fan base, yet offering the incentive for fans the possibility of receiving two tickets for the price of one if the Coyotes pull out a victory.

The 5 selected games are as follows:

Saturday, October 24 vs. Los Angeles Kings

Saturday, Nov. 14 vs. Dallas Stars

Saturday, Dec. 5 vs. Ottawa Senators

Saturday, Jan. 16 vs. Minnesota Wild





10 responses to “Join the Pack!”

  1. Tony A. Avatar
    Tony A.

    Good luck with that….free tickets or not,
    these guys still suck.

  2. Tony A. Avatar
    Tony A.

    The whole key to this promotion lies in the last seven
    words……..”if the Coyotes pull out a victory.”

    Use of the words “if” and “pull” just show what a longshot this promo is.

    Relax, EB, the criticism is leveled at the Coyotes, not you.

  3. EB Avatar

    Not much love for the Coyotes. That is alright.

    I do believe a new coach and an against the wall attitude has led to them playing well this season in the early runnings.

    I hope they keep it up but time will tell.

  4. Alex L Avatar
    Alex L

    6,900 for the Blues game. Lots of junior teams in Canada draw better than that, and most AHL teams do better than that. I think the city is turning its back to the team.

  5. EB Avatar

    The arena has a major part to play in attendance. I spoke with people who live in the area and how they said it is horrendous to get to, that it really deters people from going to the games.

    Perhaps Arizona is not as keen as other markets, but I still do feel they can turn a profit with the right management and a winning team.

    Right now they are winning, hope they keep it up, and management is working to turn things around.

  6. Alex L Avatar
    Alex L

    The first arena, the second arena location, the ownerships, the management, playoff failures … it goes on and on.

    Denver failed once and came back. St. Louis failed once and came back. I would have preferred for the Coyotes to leave for Hamilton and Bettman promise an expansion to Phoenix in the future. Start over, do it right.

    I think they are building a light rail in the direction of the arena, no? Expensive though the light rail is, a city that size needs something other than freeways, especially for special events. Much more efficient than single cars. That would help, or shuttle buses to games, in partnership with sports pubs, if they are interested in hockey, which may not be true.

  7. b. Lee Avatar

    No. Way.

    No chance that a team survives in Phoenix. Even if there are people at the game, they got the tickets through some kind of a promotion, or are there supporting the other team. Glendale is light years away from Phoenix and Scottsdale, and besides, I can’t watch hockey, I’ve got houses to flip. Hockey is too good for that shithole city, and it needs to move on.

  8. Tony A. Avatar
    Tony A.

    I like Lee’s comment “I can’t watch hockey…I’ve got houses to flip.”

    Well said- hockey is too good for that shithole city!!

  9. b. Lee Avatar

    Thank you, sir.

    Y’all got any more posts coming or is that it?

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