NCAA Frozen Four Shrinks in Size

The 2010 NCAA Men’s Frozen Four at Ford Field in Detroit has shrunk from approximately 70,000 to 35,000.  The change was announcedearlier this month by the NCAA. It is believed that the change in size was due to a lack of ticket sales and the economy. The positive the new configuration brings to the table is that fans are closer to the rink and have better sight lines. For those that are familiar with utilizing one end zone of the stadium like NCAA basketball used before the 2009 Final Four, the Frozen Four will be similar.

frozen four

The new configuration of 35,000 will still smash the NCAA Frozen Four attendance record, which was when 19,432 fans saw Michigan State defeat Boston College in the 2007 championship game. In addition, Ford Field will become the third venue to host both the Final Four and Frozen Four, and the first to do it in consecutive years.

I already have my tickets, do you? If you want to purchase tickets, still has tickets available. Tickets are very affordable as you can see three games (both semi-finals and championship game) for as low as $40. Fans who purchased tickets through Ticketmaster prior to the switch will be relocated to similar seats as purchased.





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