Oh no Geno!

Evgeni Malkin will miss 2-3 weeks from the Pittsburgh Penguins lineup due to a shoulder strain.
Evgeni Malkin will miss 2-3 weeks from the Pittsburgh Penguins lineup due to a shoulder strain.

All Star Evgeni “Geno” Malkin will be out of the lineup for 2-3 weeks with a shoulder strain.

The Pittsburgh Penguins, who currently are in first place within the Atlantic division posting a league leading 10-2-0 record, will have to find scoring from a few other players in his absence. Malkin currently leads the team with 14 points, 4 goals and 10 assists.

Malkin’s greatest contribution thus far is on the power play, as out of his 14 points, 3 of his goals and 5 of his assists come from being one man up.

With solid play from Sidney Crosby, Alex Goligoski and the rest of the team, the absence will be missed, but not a severe detriment to the team. Goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury is on fire currently with a 9-1 record, posting a mere 2.07 goals against average and a .920 save percentage.

Look for the Penguins to take advantage of this loss by switching up the lines and creating even more deadly combinations from their offensive powerhouse that will benefit them later in the season.

Keep your money on the Penguins for the time being, they are not going anywhere but staying on top of the pack.


  1. F$#&$%*$K!!!

    My goaltenders are already awful, and my main man, Malkovich is out…

    Guess Backstrom and Marleau will have to keep me afloat… Yeah, my team is awesome

  2. Put him on the IR when you can and try to find a nitch player, like someone for +/- or penalty minutes. You should be alright since your team is “awesome” already.

    Speaking of fantasy, I’m beating Eddie 10-1 at the moment. I’ll keep everyone updated at weeks end.

  3. Yeah Eric, WTF? Your work wouldn’t be too happy to know that you’re writing blog posts on their time…Or do you have the secret recipe to make the day longer? If so, please share because I need more time to procrastinate…

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