Country Music Babes Hit Hockey World Blog

I’m sure everybody who doesn’t live in a cave knows all about country singer Taylor Swift. She’s like your typical girl next door, the girl who’s good looking, can sing, and even write a song about you if you break her heart. Earlier this year, she made a cameo appearance in a Nashville Predators commercial. The best part is at the end. Check out the video below.

Swift is not just your “one game every few years just to look like I’m interested in hockey” type of fan. Recently, Swift was seen at a LA Kings game with Twilight: New Moon star Taylor Lautner. It’s not known if the two are a couple or if the game was a date or just two friends hanging out. But you know how Hollywood works: one day they are somewhere “as friends” and then a few weeks later they are a couple. Swift even blew a kiss at Lautner when she hosted SNL last week during her monologue. She’s been spotted at a few Predators games a season, even bringing along girlfriends Kellie Pickler and Carrie Underwood. Granted Pickler dated Jordin Tootoo and Underwood is currently dating Mike Fisher, the three formed what has to be the most attractive line in hockey at a game in 2007.





11 responses to “Country Music Babes Hit Hockey World Blog”

  1. Tony A. Avatar
    Tony A.

    Eddie, Eric, Matt, Chris….your posts are hockey related yet are more than the standard NHL stuff. And let’s not forget b. Lee and his always amusing contributions.

    Always interesting reading for me- this post is no exception- although Country Music Babes Hit HWB might have been more appropriate for an eye catching title.

    Regarding the status Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner
    I believe that they ARE a bona fide couple. But what do I know…..

    1. Eddie Avatar

      that was the kind of headline I was going for, but couldn’t think of the right words. Thanks for reading!

  2. Matt Avatar

    Holy giant YouTube embed!

    Thanks for the comments Tony, glad to have you as a fan.

  3. b. Lee Avatar

    So, here I am… SUPER excited… Hand lotion, ready… Pants, unbuckled…

    And then I come (or don’t come) to find that the video has been removed from Youtube. Nothing worse than a viral cockblock.

  4. Tony A. Avatar
    Tony A.

    Like I said……we count on b.Lee for amusing, and usually sexually themed, comments.

    And we are not disappointed.

  5. Eddie Avatar

    b. Lee, I snagged another video and updated the post. Whatever you do with it is at your own risk.

  6. Tony A. Avatar
    Tony A.

    Does b. Lee contribute posts or just comments that we all enjoy (we all do, don’t we) reading?

  7. EB Avatar

    No posts as of yet, only comments.

    And yes, we do all enjoy his comments. Good stuff.

  8. Tony A. Avatar
    Tony A.

    Do you know him? Is he a friend…or just an unknown
    guy with clever comments?

  9. EB Avatar

    Not that I know of, just a loyal and funny fan.

  10. LiceEpiTe Avatar

    winsome answers i like it

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