Daniel Carcillo One Punches Matt Bradley

Daniel Carcillo tried to provide a little energy for the Philadelphia Flyers tonight, but it ended up working against him big time. After Matt Bradley delivered a hit on Carcillo against the boards, Carcillo gave a few cross checks back to Bradley. Carcillo was quick to drop his gloves after that, and knocked Bradley down with one huge punch before Bradley’s gloves even hit the ice.

Bradley did not return to the game after the punch. The Capitals, however, avenged the punch as they scored three goals on the resulting power play. The game finished in a blowout as Nicklas Backstrom had a goal and four assists, and Mike Green added two goals and two assists in the 8-2 victory.

Update: Carcillo has received a four game suspension from the incident.


2 responses to “Daniel Carcillo One Punches Matt Bradley”

  1. Chris Avatar

    Carcillo has been suspended for four games for the punch. I agree with that assessment. Carcillo, a known fighter, sort of took advantage of the situation and sucker-punched Bradley before he could defend himself. Yes, Bradley was in the process of dropping his gloves, but Carcillo made the decision and followed through with the punch before Bradley even had his gloves off. That’s not fair if you ask me.

  2. b. Lee Avatar

    This was like that girl that accused me of rape last weekend…

    We had a few drinks, we chatted one another up and down, it was clear where this was heading. So I had sex with her in the bathroom.

    The next morning, I got cops kicking down my door asking me what happened. I said, “She was in the process of taking down her panties… What’s the problem?”

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