Green Bay Gamblers Batting Down More Than Pucks

I was working out at the gym Thursday afternoon trying to get toned, ripped and tan like those dudes on Jersey Shore when I saw this video on CNN. I wasn’t able to hear anything but I did see players swinging at a flying object. I tried to search it on Youtube but to no avail. Thankfully Puck Daddy was on my side like Nationwide with this story.

The Green Bay Gamblers Junior team was taking on Cedar Rapids when a bat came flying on the ice like he was Fan Man during the game. The game had to be halted but some Gamblers players was able to take teamwork to the next level when a couple players swung their sticks and knocked down the bat. As of now, no one had to get rabies shots like NBA star Manu Ginobili  when he bare-handed a bat during a Halloween night game.

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