Canada hosts USA for Gold Medal Game Tonight

Gold Medal game between Canada and the USA.Tonight, Team Canada defends their gold medal game against Team USA in the World Junior Under 20 Championship game. The game will begin at 8 PM est on the NHL Network.

The favorite to win is Canada, seeing they have won the tournament the past 5 years, on top of it being played in Saskatoon Canada.

Is it a case of David and Goliath? Not quite. The Americans are playing well and proved that in the preliminary meeting between the two teams where Canada was decided the victor in a 5-4 win in a shootout.

The game will be played hard nose and to the end from both Countries. Definitely the thing to watch tonight, unquestionably over the NHL schedule.

U-S-A! U-S-A!

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  1. USA Wins! Boo yah!

    On a side note, 3rd period, just over 8 minutes to go in Canada’s defensive zone. The referee may wish to review what a delay of game call is:

    P.97 of IIHF Rulebook:

    a) Any player, except the goalkeeper, who closes his hand on the puck shall be assessed a:
    ➤ Minor penalty

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