1. I thought this would help.

    Tell ya what, Canada the favorite, will have a tough road ahead of them with Russia, then perhaps Sweden or the winner of that game, before they get to the finals. I do not think they have it in them this year and I predict Russia will take them.

    On the other hand, on paper, USA looks to have an easier route than the lower bracket, but then again, you never know what could happen.

  2. Better story/article: Will the fervor generated via a USA gold medal OR Canada v. US rematch in the Gold Medal round translate at all to the NHL, and if so, what will be the implications?

    Aaaaaaaand GO!

  3. This is great EB- forget other websites- this is all I need
    to follow the rest of the Olympic hockey tournament.

    Well done, GB should be proud.

  4. Hope everyone picked up on this, but all the games coincide with Vancouver’s time zone. Add about three hours to get the television start time for us.

    USA will take on a tired Switzerland team tomorrow that needed a shootout to overtake Belarus, but Jonas Hiller has looked stellar in goal throughout the entire tournament and I expect USA will need to grind out some tough goals to get past him tomorrow.

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