Don Cherry Calls Out Matt Cooke

I’m not a big fan of Don Cherry, he shouts at the camera and is just generally annoying. On Saturday, however, he hit the nail on the head when it comes to Matt Cooke. Cooke is worthless, a piece of trash, and should be suspended for his cheap shot on Marc Savard. Watch the entire segement below:


  1. Ya know, Don Cherry gets under my skin sometimes because, like you said, he can be loud and obnoxious and he is VERY opinionated. But the guy generally knows his stuff and he hit the nail on the head with his comments about Cooke. I can’t believe this guy wasn’t suspended after watching that compilation of hits to the head and cheap shots to the knee. He has done it before and he will do it again. He’s already been suspended this season for similar incidents. I can’t believe the league let this one go. The guy should have been out for the rest of the season with his history and having been previously suspended on similar charges. Good for Cherry for calling out both the league and Cooke on this matter.

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